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How to make a high quality silicone duckbill check valve?

1. Silicone duckbill check valve designThe silicone duckbill check valve design ···

1. Silicone Duckbill Check Valve Design

The silicone duckbill check valve design is very importance, special in valve slit design, When design the duckbill valve slit cutting, there should be a flat surface on the slit cutting side to keep die-cutting tooling on the middle. Besides, Duckbill check valve should be designed according to different application.

2. Silicone Duckbill Check Valve Material

Selecting right valve material is also a key point for valve function work well, different material have different performance. When valves are used in medical device, health care, home appliance, water handle, aquarium, feeding pets, food process equipment etc. Food grade silicone material is best choose. But when valve contacted with acidic or alkalic chemistry, rubber material can meet those requirements, and make valve function work well! Besides, Rubber materials include  NR, NBR, HNBR, SBR, Neoprene CR, IIR, EPDM, FKM, FVMQ. Those rubber material have different property.

3. Material Hardness

Valve slit need to be full of elastic, which helps to close well mouth of slit to prevent back flow after air or liquid pass. When valve material hardness higher, which elastic get poorer, and valve slit mount will be more difficult to open, it has to offer higher pressure to push air or liquid to through valve slit.

In a word, Silicone duckbill check valve quality will be decided to design, material, and hardness. 



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